Experiments with dyes

Here’s a skein of yarn I dyed with turmeric today, just a spoonful in water, passed it through a sieve, and boiled for 15 min…cause I just couldn’t wait to see the colors. The white part was supposed to be purple but I’m swooning just cause I got one right.


This poor thing has been through two previous experiments with dyeing which failed. I’d read about dyeing wool with vinegar and food coloring but it didn’t work. Maybe it’s cotton…looks like wool though, but I have no idea. I’d love to make a mess and I’m sure going to subject more skeins to horror:)
It’s balled up this way cause I couldn’t wait to cast on!
So, the only thing I know so far that works for me as a dye is turmeric.
I love the variations of yellow, bordering on golden.

And here’s my awesome seed stitch scarf in progress


The lower part is when I didn’t know the Russian join:(

And some up close…





I say some…


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